Refuelling Stations

Refuelling of LPG fuelled (Auto gas) vehicles is a safe pro cess but it must be carried o ut in
accordance with the instructions for the particular dispenser used. Customer misuse or ignorance
can cause serious accidents.
Pending the adoption of the common European filling system, the LP Gas Association and the major
fuel suppliers recommend the use of the Dutch Bayonet fitting. The manufacturer or converter
should fit this to the exterior of the vehicle in a readily accessible position with the axis of the fitting
horizontal and with the bayonet pins horizontal. (3 and 9 o’clock).
At the time of writing, two types of Dutch Bayonet filling guns are commonly fitted to LPG
dispensers in the UK, the “De Visser” and the “Gas Guard”.
Proper instructions are a requirement of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.
Filling instructions should be displayed on or near all dispensers and be provided with all vehicles
supplied or converted for use with Autogas.
Manufacturers’ instructions for the use of the “De Visser” and “Gas Guard” filling guns and
examples of pictorial instructions are attached.
Note:- These instructions have been supplied by the filling gun suppliers and gas companies. The LPGA
can accept no liability for their use.
The Association discourages the use of adaptors for filling vehicles.
Vehicle filling connections that require the use of adaptors, for filling with the Dutch Bayonet filling
guns, should not be fitted.
Some vehicles, notably those from France and Italy, use different fittings which are not compatible
with the Dutch Bayonet fitting. In certain cases adaptors are available but these must be used with
the greatest of care as:-
(1)There is a risk of unscrewing the adaptor when disconnecting the filling nozzle if the
adaptor is not correctly fitted;
(2)The adaptor relies on an elastomeric seal which must be present and in good condition to
guarantee a seal during filling;
(3)There is always a greater release of LPG on disconnection;
(4)Delivery rates into the vehicle may be reduced and the increased load can damage
dispenser pumps.